Canopy tent

The simplest way to draw attention to your brand!

Brandspot’s canopy tent is elegantly simple, functional and above all, stunning! This custom-branded promotional tent can be set up in no time and provides complete protection for you and your guests against the rain or the sun.
A pop-up canopy tent or quick folding tent really is the ideal solution for any kind of outdoor event: street markets, fairs, sports events …

Select any print you would like for your personalized tent. The materials, such as the feather-weight aluminum frame, are of the highest quality and will serve you well over several years.
The canopy tent comes in a compact transport bag on wheels and fits into a standard passenger car. In the event of strong winds, storm straps and extra puzzle weights can be used to increase the tent’s stability.

The roof is fully customized
you can set up a canopy in 1 minute on your own
Compact: with a transport bag and wheels : you can transport in a normal car
The ideal canopy tent for your event: easy to handle and stunning

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