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Banners are Brandspot’s bestsellers!

Our banners can be fully customized to meet your needs. They are available in any format and can be finished with rings, Velcro, hooks, ribbons or elastics.

Our banners are also available in various materials. It’s best to opt for 3-cord polyester canvas if you plan to use the banner both indoors and outdoors and also want to be able to fold it up as small as possible for transport. A PVC banner is best suited for outdoors usage seeing as it is completely washable and water-resistant.

A mesh banner is wind-permeable, which prevents it from flapping in the wind, and is therefore ideal for usage on fences or crowd control barriers.


We can produce any size
Finished with rings, Velcro, hooks, ribbons or elastics
We print on different materials


Polyester (flag material) 110-115 gr/m²

Can be used indoor or outdoor
To be fold to a small package for transport 

PVC banner, frontlit 450-500 gr

Is used mainly outdoor
Waterresistant, can be whashed off
Should be rolled over the shortest side for transport

Mesh, wind-permeable 300-350 gr

PVC banner, perforated with holes
Ideal for usage on fences or crowd control barriers.

Non woven 

For repetition of logos along a road on fences
Delivered on rolls of 25 or 50 running meters
Available on hights: 60, 75, 120 and 175 cm, lenght of your choice : 50m, 100m, 500m, 1000 m or more
Cheap solution for big productions

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