Facade Banners

A professional and contemporary take on the signboard

Brandspot’s banners are a surefire way of getting your company noticed!
Opt for a facade banner or pole banner if you want to lure more customers to your business.
The facade banner is secured to your facade, while a pole banner is fixed to a pole that is placed in the ground.
Brandspot’s banners are extremely easy to maintain and are secured by means of an extra-sturdy stainless steel bracket set that will never rust.
The banner itself is weather-resistant and perfectly washable. The banner will always be smooth and taut thanks to the tensionable double brackets.

Choose from among 2 quality materials for your banner: full fabric or mesh (wind permeable).

You can also illuminate your banner with LED spotlights so that it stands out in the dark.


Extra-sturdy brackets in stainless steel.
The double brackets prevent the banner from hanging askew and enable it to be tensioned.
Two LED spotlights illuminate your facade in the dark.
Professional installation carried out by Brandspot.


Extra-sturdy brackets in stainless steel.
The tubes are fully soldered together and all components are stainless steel.
Choose between a double-sided PVC canvas and a perforated canvas (mesh).

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