Beachflag Event

Beach flags are all the rage. Hip, fresh and set up in an instant. Brandspot considers that ease-of-use and transportability come first; that’s why we created the Flexibase: a stackable base that is light and convenient to take along.

Our beach flags can rotate 360° with the wind; therefore, your beach flag will always be perfectly visible, even when placed roadside.

You can choose from among three available models: Event Wing, Event Drop and the Event Banner.

They can be large or small, and for indoors or outdoors usage.
For all your events, for an open-day or a product launch.

Easy to use, excellent visibility
Light material, easy to install
Thanks to the Flexibase®, stackable modules of 10 kg, a bit like Lego blocks, every one of your employees will be able to easily handle the beach flag.
Can be transported in a normal car

Choose your preferred shape:

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