Adhesif foils

Foils for commercial branding

Adhésif films, stickers, vinyl application foils can be used on multiple surfaces.

There are different adhesive foils that can be used for commercial purposes We help you to difine the right foil for the use you need: window, floor, vehicule foils for indoor use and outdoor use.  the foils are cut to the right size or cut to shape.

We have foils for terporary use (you can easily remove after the event) and for long time use, UV protected.

You can also have the magnetic stickers or magnetic foil ; you just hang it on a metallic surface for the duriation of your event, for example you put the logo with magnetic foil on your car for the event.

The big adhesive foils can be installed by our experienced installation team.

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Types of foils or adhesif

  • Vinyl monomer ou polymer
  • Adhesif or perforated vinyl (one way vision)
  • Adhesif or tansparant foil
  • Adhesif or static foil


  • window dressing, publicity
  • publicity on cars
  • floor adhesifs


  • permanent or easy to remove foil, or magnetic


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