National Flags

For outdoor or indoor use

Looking for an official flag? Then Brandspot is the place for you! We can supply the flags of all the 195 countries in the world, as well as the flags of several regions and international institutions.

For official EU institutions, we have created a special package containing the 28 member states flags of the European Union and the official EU flag. We will of course also be more than happy to just provide a single flag if that is all you require. The EU member states flags are immediately available from stock, other flags are made to order.

For indoor use, we can also make protocol flags with double sided satin material.

We can provide you with the corresponding indoor flagpoles or outdoor flagpoles.

The official flag of all countries of the world
We know the exact colors for all countries
Produced with environmentally friendly inks.


Environmentally friendly inks.
Specific dimensions and finishes are possible.
Easily washable and very easy to maintain.
The printing has SGS certificats for weather, UV and water resistance accorkding to ISO 105 B02-1994 and DIN norms : best market scores (6 à 7/ 8).

We can propose to you different quality of flags:

  • Standard flag  : polyester 115 gr, finished with a double seem and 2 hooks
  • Protocol flags for indoor use : double sided satin flags, finished with 2 hooks, or any custom finishing.

All flags are produced upon demand, we can make custom finishing, like special hooks, sleeves, etc.

Standards Sizes:

Flag 100 x 150 cm    
Flag 150 x 225 cm     
Flag 200 x 300 cm      
Flag 400 x 600 cm 



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