How to start up a production

You just decided to start a production. Thank you for chosing Brandspot!

Confirmation of your order

Please send an email to your contact person or to
Please mention following:
- the product and quantities or refer to your offer number 
- your company details with VAT number and delivery adress. Information for delivery if necessary, We deliver between 8 and 18h, except direct deliveries (express) please ask in that case!

Creation of artworks

The result of your product depends highly of a good artwork.
Make sure your artworks are professionally made and attractive.

You can make your artworks in 2 ways:

  • You or your communication agency makes the design and send us the ready for print PDF files. These should be made according to our artwork specifications and based on teh graphic template you can download from each product page.
  • You prefer our help : our graphic team prepares the graphic : you send us the vector logos, high resolution pictures, text and your sketch. We apply your brandbible.

Sending of artworks

-by email (up to 8 MB) to
-upload via, to mentionning your product and the number of your offer.

Artwork specifications

Download PDF

Do you need any help or assistance? Please call us ! 32 2 304 73 63