Printed Boards

The most versatile member of our family.

Brandspot’s printed boards are incredibly versatile, making them widely applicable for a large number of uses.

Whether it be for signaling, for billboards, or just to display a logo, printed boards suit all purposes!

Our boards are of the best quality and are printed in direct, resulting in crisp and long-lasting colors. A board in the shape of a window, a cloud or a parallelepiped? No problem! They can be cut into every possible shape and size and be fully tailored to meet your exact wishes.

There are 3 different types of boards from which you can choose. You can opt for a board destined for events, a signalization board or a wall panel board.
Each type of panel is tailored to meet the specific requirements on a case by case basis and is finished with the greatest of care. Your business will get noticed, always and everywhere.

Printed in direct, resulting in crisp and long-lasting colors
Excellent finishing
Brandspot instalss the publicity boards at your premises

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The choice of the board's material depends of the use and size

We work with Forex, Polypropylene, Dibond, Foamplaat, with thickness of 3, 5 of 10 mm

Printing on front side or both sides

The board can be cut (contour) in the spacial shape

We can advice you the right board to use for your use.

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