Indoor Flagpoles

A professional solution for official flags

Brandspot’s indoor flagpoles are ideal for displaying ceremonial, official and protocol flags in a stylish manner. It’s perfectly suited for town halls, embassies, reception areas and official ceremonies or for diplomatic use.

The base or floor stand can be ordered in gold or silver versions. The round base can hold either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 different flagpoles. This indoor flagpole is suitable for all municipal, provincial and national flags.

All national flags can be ordered from Brandspot in standard or protocol finishing!
All member states flags of the European Union are available from stock, other flags can be made to order.

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The best way to display your official flags
Elegant design
Available in gold or silver
Appropriate flags can be supplied
Excellent quality

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We can propose to you different quality of flags:

  • Standard flag  : polyester 115 gr, finished with 2 hooks
  • Protocol flags : double sided satin flags

All flags are produced upon demand, we can make custom finishing, like special hooks, sleeves, etc.


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