Wall-mounted Flagpoles

Add some color to your wall

Brandspot’s wall-mounted flagpoles are the ideal solution for hanging flags on your facade in a stylish manner. They are superb for government institutions displaying an official flag or for any business wishing to attract passers-by!

A classy and simple solution that also enables you to easily switch the flag. Our wall-mounted flagpoles are also extremely durable and are made from the best possible aluminum. The mast is expertly installed by our professionals at the desired height. The flagpole can be mounted vertically or at a 30° degree angle.

Should you also be looking for the corresponding flag to go with the pole, no problem!  Brandspot has many official flags in stock and we can print personalized flags with your logo.

Wall-mounted flagpoles with the appropriate flag embellish your façade.
The robust pole ensures many years of usage.
Brandspot provides the most suitable pole for your facade and flag.


The pole will be professionally placed, with ladder or elevated platform, by our team according to the specific needs and conditions at hand.

Corresponding flag 

Brandspot can supply the required flags whether they be national, provincial, communal or city flags.
Horizontal and vertical flags can be used, depending on the length of the selected pole.


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